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We are primarily focused around Painting and Decorating and the services we offer are also closely related to the trade. I simply perform the function of a spokesman, you may take me for the voice of the business if you will. I was brought on the team only recently to enhance our exposure, to better our image via the wider representation of the business( make appearances, make our voices heard, promote and advertise), but most of all to improve our communications towards the outside world and the insiders of the construction industry. To sum up I am here for the same reason I suppose you are here yourselves, which is to take the opporunity these meetings provide us to make alliances, establish work (related connections) relations and build together a wider professional network of similarly situated tradesmen within the vocational occupation.


Company history:


A little bit about my dad, his involvement and achievement within the industry. I could go on to recite a long list of past(historical) work references and his [employment] 20 strong year long work history both in the US and the UK. During his 9 year presence in the UK he has undertaken jobs both private and commercial all of which were mainly located in North London boroughs, such as Barnet, Brent, Haringey and Enfield, with a few exception in Central London and the City.




After a minor fall out with his previous partner approximately 3to 4 years ago my dad had to start from scratch/zero and build a business up from the ground all over again, consequently we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our scope of operations so that the growth of the business could meet, then surpass the size of the former joint venture my dad was forced to abandon. As mentioned (in the) earlier in the above, we specialise in drylining, filling, taping & jointing, plastering and painting in interior environments as well as on exterior surfaces. At this time my dad is heading,leading a team of six, the vast majority of whom had acquired qualifications as master tradesmen in their respective vocation in hungarian state institutions. There has not yet been a legal (id)entity created for the business, the business is not incorporated nor is it certified as there was no such demand and expectation posed by our partners in the past, however for increased competitive edge and advantage we would be more than happy to re-think, re-assess our stance on that, re-consider, re-acquisition/retrieve/reinstate/recover our former status as CSCS certified and VAT registered. Most of our employees are or used to be in possession of CSCS cards, or in case of their expiration if needed or asked we would be more than happy to get the re-application process started for every member of the team. For reference you are more than welcome to contact, reach out to two of oru strategic partners, top priority clients, Urban Land ltd, and All Done ltd. Urban Land ltd is a housing association/landlord agency dealing with lettings, property management and maintenance for both council housing stock and privately owned real estate, while the latter All Done ltd concerns themselves with, or engage in outside of their lettings agency/activity project/scheme/profile/portfolio/ and design work for both commercial and retail customers as well as private individuals,new custom builds, refurbishment, renovation works and restoration

Big Paul(Pal Princhaus)



Painting and decorating

Painting from ceiling till scirting


Wallpaper removal till set up new one


Plaster is a building material used for the protective and / or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for molding and casting decorative elements.

Drywall lining & Joint tape's

The simplest and cheapest way of interior architecture

Floor warnish

To renovate its old obsolete floor


To renovate its old obsolete doors, windows, scirting, garage door, fence with decorating.

Airbrush Painting

Our special service of Airbruah painting on miss court, hinged shuter. The best painting ever seen.

Interior & Exterior

1st of january till 31 of december

Free estimate

At any time


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Big Paul & sons Painting and decorating


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